pbd services

Fine Hand Pruning

“Selective Hand Pruning” means that pbd uses hand tools along with our experienced eyes to shape new plantings and rejuvenate mature ones carefully and precisely selecting each cut we make.  We open up the shrub to allow in light for growth in the interior.  We invigorate plants by restructuring and encouraging stronger branching.  We know when to cut and when NOT to, paying attention to the new growth on each branch, annual bloom and dormancy times, and changes throughout the season.  We also monitor your shrubs and trees to nip potential problems in the bud.  Proper pruning can invigorate your landscape creating a lush environment for all seasons. 

We would be happy to provide you with a proposal for Annual Seasonal Maintenance or Hand Pruning by Project on and As Needed Basis. Let us know what you need and we can help you!

We will properly “package” waste for removal by the client or by a collaborating landscape maintenance company but don’t remove yard waste from the site.  We can compost on site for  you or place yard waste at the curb or another suitable location.

Tree Consulting & Risk Assessment

A consultation with a pbd arborist is an informal conversation—in person, by phone or skype—when the client may ask questions and gain assistance with diagnosis of tree and landscape problems, insect and disease identification and management, tree protection for construction projects, or tree inventories. pbd Arborists are authoritative experts who convey INDEPENDENT, objective, comprehensive viewpoints, ensuring the safety, health, and preservation of trees. pbd is not associated with canopy tree pruning companies. Adele is an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborist with additional Tree Risk Assessment qualification.

Pbd practices “qualitative” ISA Tree Risk Assessment.  By definition, the International Society of Arboriculture Best Management Practices provide “qualitative” risk assessment, which is a systematic process to determine relative levels of risk, the Likelihood of Failure and potential consequences. Potential structural failures may be identified as Conditions of Concern using this approach. We would be happy to provide you with a proposal for this service.

IPM Monitoring & Practices

Monitor Key Pests and Key Plants : Pbd knows your garden and keeps an eye out for key pests and symptoms of potential illness and problems before they become unmanageable. Pbd offers assistance in diagnosing and strategizing, as needed. Pbd can help you with this!

Mechanical and Physical Controls : Pruning is your first line of defense against problem insect pests. We prune out infestations but we also know which are the beneficial insects to encourage and leave in place. Pbd prunes to encourage airflow and remove disease vectors, to improve the health and vigor of your garden. This is our standard operating procedure and practice! We do not use chemical controls. You can count on us.